Roll On/Off trucks

Large-size rubbish and of custom weight are not a problem for us. They are a challenge that we are willing to undertake

Among other things, Roll on / off trucks (RoRo) are included in our fleet for this purpose. Naturallylarger, thecontainersizeallowsformorewasteto be disposed of atonce. Thus,wegreatlylimit the way that the truckmust travel tocompletelyclean up theconstructionsite.

The capacity of the RoRocontainersisbetween 15 and 40 cubic yards – this wide choice allows us to reduce the costs as sociated with the disposal of waste,reduce the level of disruption of work to a minimum while maintaining the smoothness of work on the constructionsite.

An example of using one of our biggest trucks is the large-scale disposal of soil. The 32 tonne truck wehaveinour fleet is able to export up to 15 tons of material a tone. Grabisal so ideal for exporting heavy Materials(debris,bricks, concrete,etc.)and delivering buildingmaterialsand aggregates.

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