For transport businesses

Hawk Rubbish Clearance has its own Waste Processing Centre. It is located in the industrial part of Wembley.

This is where we provide recycling services. All waste is segregated, sorted and analysed. We want to maximize the re-use of materials and minimize environmental pollution as much as possible.

If you are a licensed waste carrier and you are interested in cooperating with our centre, download the application form HERE, fill it out and send it along with the enclosed copy of the Environmental Agency waste transport license.

Do you know that …

The protection of the world around us is the duty of every human being. There are many forms of environmental protection and one of them is recycling. The purpose of recycling is to reduce excessive exploitation of natural resources. We follow the basic principle which is maximum utilisation of available waste with the least energy input of raw materials.

The waste lines are properly constructed with technological lines. They are equipped with rippers, conveyors, sieves, shredders and sorting cabinets. Thanks to this, raw materials are extracted and can be easily reused, e.g. Household chemicals, foil, PET bottles, aluminium, scrap, hard plastic or paper. After collecting the right amount of plastic, we transport the materials to the appropriate recovery points.

This is the way we operate, minimising the negative impact on the environment. We invite licensed carriers to cooperate with us.