For construction businesses

Regardless of whether it is the construction of a residential or commercial building, a huge amount of waste is accumulated. Rubbish disposal is often the cause of sleepless nights for construction company owners. It is therefore worthwhile to ask the pros for help and to have the construction waste disposed of by specialists. It means the end of the hassle of eliminating rubbish.

Years of operations on the British market have allowed us to develop not only high standards of service and customer service, but also to propose a whole range of services for the most optimal price. For construction companies and other commercial customers we propose the disposal of construction waste and other types of waste accumulated during renovations, demolitions and new builds. We will pick up and dispose of all waste. Soil, debris, rubbish after demolition, wood, steel, cardboard, etc. We will also tell you how to get rid of hazardous materials, eg. asbestos, oils, paints and batteries.

Our fleet includes a wide range of vehicles:

3.5-tonne dump trucks
light waste capacity: 12 cubic yards

12-tonne Ro/Ro trucks
containers with 16 and 20 cubic yards capacity

18-ton skip trucks
8 and 12 cubic yards capacity

32-tonne Ro/Ro trucks
bulky items to 15t at one time


An attempt to dispose of construction waste on your own may not be sufficiently safe and easy, with leftovers remaining in the area of ​​work. Therefore, it is worthwhile entrusting the task to a specialist team, which will professionally take care of the disposal of construction waste. We will dispose of the waste in a professional segregation center so you can be sure that the rubbish will go to the right place and you will get rid of it in accordance with the law, without harming the environment.

What should you require from a company dealing with the disposal of construction waste?

  • To collect debris and all construction waste left by contractors.
  • Waste that is unrecyclable should be professionally disposed of, minimising negative environmental impact.
  • Timely and accurate work! Everything should be done smoothly so that subsequent work can be started as soon as possible. Ready to get rid of construction waste problems?

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